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Voz de La Resistencia Cubana...

Desde su comienzo en 1990, el  Directorio Democrático Cubano "Directorio", se ha caracterizado por su estrategia de lucha coherente y consistente a favor de la libertad y democracia par

Voice of the Cuban Resistance...
Since its inception in 1990, the Cuban Democratic Directorate "Directorio", has been characterized by a consistent and cohesive strategy for liberty and democracy in Cuba.

Todos Por Cuba Libre | All For A Free Cuba

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                                  Presos Politicos | Political Prisoners                                                             Cumbre Peru | Summit 2018

Inspired by Gandhi's "Seven Social Sins", Directorio presents profiles of current Cuban political prisoners. We ask that you join us in spreading this awareness campaign which puts a face to those brave men and women suffering in Cuba for simply yearning to be free. Please use link and share these profiles of Cuban Political Prisoners on your social media platforms  >Link Here

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 Fake Cuban Twitter Profiles                                                                          U.S. Embassy Sonic Attacks

The Enigma of the Crickets: Attacks on US Diplomats  Click Here

More on U.S. Embassy Sonic Attacks Click Here

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           Radio República Listeners in Cuba  >click

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