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Update: Vladimir Morera Bacallao was released from Cuban prison on March, 2016.

Vladimir Morera Bacallao, who was freed in the December 2014 round of amnesty announcements,  was re-arrested in April 2015 and sentenced to four years in prison for posting an anti-Castro sign in his window.  He is currently serving 4 Years and was force-fed in a Cuban hospital after more than 80 days on a hunger strike. The United Nations has deemed the forced-feeding of prisoners on hunger strike a human rights violation. >Read Article

After a lengthy hunger strike, on December 30, 2015, Vladimir Morera Bacallao was in a state of semi-consciousness, when state doctors, controlled by police officials, injected into his vein an unknown substance that rapidly affected his central nervous system, specifically his brain. From that moment on, Bacallao began to act incoherently, stating that he felt weight in his brain and that his eyesight was blurred. Once he realized that he was losing control over his will, Bacallao pulled out the tubes however, as of January 5, 2016 he continues in a similar state of confusion.

According to dissident Librado Linares, these acts were the result of the successful hunger strike and the concomitant international campaign which pressured the regime to attempt to attain via unknown substances what they could not achieve by using threats against Bacallao and his family. 

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Miami, 22 de diciembre del 2015. Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana. La Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana denuncia que el preso político cubano Vladimir Morera Bacallao se encuentra en grave estado de salud en el hospital “Arnaldo Milián” de Santa Clara, provincia Villa Clara, de acuerdo a llamada telefónica recibida en el Directorio Democrático Cubano, del expreso político Librado Linares García, Secretario General del Movimiento Cubano de Reflexión.

El preso político Vladimir Morera Bacallao, activista del Movimiento Cubano de Reflexión, está en huelga de hambre desde el pasado 9 de octubre del presente en reclamo su libertad, ya que se encuentra injustamente preso por poner un letrero en la fachada de su casa ““Yo voto por mi libertad y no en una elección donde no puedo elegir a mi presidente”.

La Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana une su voz al Movimiento Cubano de Reflexión para alertar a las organizaciones de derechos humanos, al exilio cubano y a la comunidad internacional en general, sobre el estado grave de Vladimir Morera Bacallao y reclamamos su libertad inmediata así como la de todos los presos políticos cubanos.

Miami, December 22, 2015 Assembly of the Cuban Resistance

Librado Linares García, general secretary of the Cuban Reflection Movement (Movimiento Cubano Reflexión) issues an international call for solidarity with political prisoner Vladimir Morera Bacallao unjustly held at Guamajal prison who has been on hunger strike since October 9, 2015 and has lost 40 kilograms in weight.

On April 19, 2015 the eve of the misnamed People's Power elections, Vladimir writes on the door of his house a message that read: "I vote for my freedom and not in an election where I cannot choose my president." That sparked the Rapid Response Brigade to carry out an act of repudiation (assault on the home).

He was sentenced for the supposed crime of damages, in the case 404/2015 and sentenced to 4 years imprisonment.


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