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Ladies in White Address the UN Human Rights Council
By Laura Inés Pollán Toledo



New exhortation to the members of the Human Rights Council from the Ladies in White


We, the wives, mothers, daughters and families of the 75 prisoners of conscience imprisoned in the Cuban authorities’ March 2003 crackdown, address this prestigious Council before the close of its working sessions in order to call upon it once again to exhort the Cuban government to immediately and unconditionally release the prisoners of conscience who are unjustly imprisoned.


We hope that the Council will rule and take a positive position in this case, especially taking into account everything that occurred on the fourth anniversary of Cuba’s Black Spring, where we were threatened and attacked, verbally and physically, by the political police and government organized groups dressed as civilians.


In these actions, they have once again demonstrated themselves to be intolerant in violating our rights as Cuban citizens. Different labor, civil, and political organizations also join this petition for freedom from the Ladies in White to the UN Human Rights Council:


Héctor Palacios Ruiz, Center for Social Studies

León Padrón Ascuy, Cuban Liberal Movement
Gisela Delgado, Cuban Independent Library Project director

Fernando Sánchez López, Democratic Solidarity Party

Carmelo Díaz Fernández, president of Cuban Christian Labor Union

Aurelio Bachiller Álvarez, General Secretary of CONIC

Manuel Cuesta Morúa, Progressive Arch spokesperson

Julia Cecilia Delgado, Cuban Liberal Party

Vladimiro Roca, All United Coalition

Roberto de Miranda Hernández, Professors Group

Edgard López Moreno, Marti Youth Coalition

Félix Antonio Bonne Carcases y Rene Gómez Manzano, Assembly to Promote Civil Society

Ángel Pablo Polanco, Pro Change Initiative

Lucas Garre, Freedom of Expression Foundation


We can also confirm that Oswaldo Payá stated his approval and will send press releases supporting us as well as Juan Carlos González Leiva and Guillermo Fariñas. More and more people have been approaching us and showing their support. Néstor Rodríguez Lobaina who supports university reform, also support us. In conclusion, many others want to support us and they know they have until April 5th to join before this petition reaches the UN Human Rights Council.


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