Carnival Passes the Cuba Cruise "Hot Potato aka Papa Caliente"

22 Apr 2016 3:47 PM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

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Miami, Florida – April 22nd, 2016- The Cuban Democratic Directorate- In a move by Carnival, the decision as to whether or not to accept a reservation from a Cuban Native, the “papa muy caliente” was tossed by Carnival over to the Castro Regime which, in turn, has not changed its repression or discriminatory policies. –


Carnival is now “technically” accepting reservations from Cuban-Born potential passengers as well as their non-refundable deposit (due 5 days after reservation)  and full cruise payment (due 90 days prior to trip); however the actual  final decision as to whether or not Cuban-Born passengers can actually go on the Carnival Cuba Cruise is totally up to the Castro Regime.


Unlike all non-Cuban born passengers which just have to pay Carnival a $75 fee for a travel visa card, those which were born in Cuba must pay more plus pass the Castro Regime’s “litmus” test-

If “Cuba Born” left Cuba prior to December 31, 1970, said individual will need to obtain a VISA from Cuba either from the Cuban Embassy or one of two authorized companies. The approximate cost is $220 and the approval from the Castro Regime process takes between 30-45 days.


If “Cuba Born” left Cuba after December 31, 1970, same as above with cost being $425 and approval from Cuban Regime taking approximately (5) five months.


Unlike the media  headlines making their way worldwide such as: “Cuba will allow Cuban-born to arrive on Carnival ship” –  “Carnival Approved to Sail to Cuba with Cuban Born Travelers”, the reality is that a U.S. based company has succumbed to the Castro Regime and is collaborating with its discriminatory and repressive policies. 


“No vacation cruise should travel to a country where such harsh repression still happens, where discrimination against Cuban-born U.S. citizens is still in place.  Thousands of Cubans are lying at the bottom of that sea which the cruise ships will sail on, and the money from those cruises will simply enrich that regime which forced to their deaths,” said Dr. Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat, co-founder and spokesman of the Cuban Democratic Directorate.


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