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  • 22 Mar 2019 2:08 PM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

    LINK: #RoyalShame Clips    LINK: Senator Scott Letter


    Miami, Florida – March 22, 2019 –Cuban Democratic Directorate (Directorio)- We vehemently oppose the ill-advised “RoyalVisitCuba”sanctioned by the United Kingdom of Great Britain, which is set to begin this Sunday, March 24 in Cuba. Prince Charles and Camila, Duchess of Cornwall, will be knowingly playing into a propaganda schedule carefully staged to enhance the image of the criminal Communist Regime. For the Royal Monarchy to lend its name to such a spectacle of total disregard for crimes against humanity taking place for decades by their host regime is a #RoyalShame.

    We applaud Senator Rick Scott and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart for reiterating the facts to the British Government in writing (attached) as well as in meetings and to the media. These facts include the obvious contradiction to the stance which it took in support of interim Venezuelan President Juan Guaido. During that time the UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt stated, “those who continue to violate the human rights of ordinary Venezuelans under an illegitimate regime will be called to account.” A bold statement of solidarity with Venezuela one week followed by the announcement of cozying up with “those” violators at the very top the next.

    This past November Prince Charles met with Diaz-Canel of Cuba’s Communist Regime in London on the Prince’s 70th birthday. This shows that the decision to ignore crimes against humanity has been in the works for some time. In an interview with Travel Trade Caribbean later that same month, Dr. Anthony Stokes, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Cuba, explained both nations' current relationship, saying that “in terms of commercial exchange and diplomatic relations, .” He the current climate was full of potential as both countries embarked on a period of strengthening ties also talked about “a cultural programme in place to strengthen ties between both nations.” Shortly after that interview, Diaz-Canel signed Decree 349, presented by Raul Castro formally criminalizes the arts in Cuba. Further proof that no amount of diplomacy can change the criminal nature of this regime; on the contrary, it emboldens them.

    The Duchess of Cornwall who serves as the President of Women of the World “WOW” Festival, celebrating the achievements of women and girls as well as looking at the obstacles they face across the world, will be arriving in Cuba on a Sunday. Ironically, March 24th marks the 182 consecutive Sunday (and counting) that the Ladies in White in Cuba will face violence, arbitrary arrests, and imprisonment this time, while the Royals are being entertained by their oppressors. This is just another example of a regrettable blossoming relationship marred by obvious contradictions in the desire to try to justify placing commerce above morality.

    #RoyalShame is in response to #RoyalVisitCuba, featuring a series of short clips debunking the myth of topics the regime is vigorously spinning as part of this visit such as architecture, culture and the environment. Most importantly, are the images of current political prisoners being

    posted alongside the message “No Pleasure without Conscience”.

    Ladies in White

    For 181 consecutive Sundays and counting, the Ladies in White attempt to walk to Santa Rita Church in the neighborhood of Lawton, Havana. They carry flowers and signs asking for the release of all political prisoners. They endure violence, arbitrary arrests and imprisonment at the hands of the criminal Communist Regime.

  • 21 Mar 2019 12:36 PM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

    Hizo presencia especial en el Foro por la Democracia 2019 Vamos América Latina en el Antiguo Congreso de Santiago de Chile Fabiana Rosales, Primera Dama del gobierno legitimo de Venezuela, esposa del Presidente Juan Guaido. Dr. Gutiérrez Boronat firmo el acta del magno evento a nombre de la Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana.

    Santiago de Chile, Chile- 21 de marzo del 2019-Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana- La libertad de Cuba fue el tema que culminó la reunión hoy del Foro Regional en Santiago de Chile de la Unión de Partidos Latinoamericanos (UPLA), coalición de partidos democráticos y anti comunistas de América Latina. El Dr. Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, a nombre del Directorio Democrático Cubano y la Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana sobre la crítica situación del pueblo cubano después de 60 años de tiranía.

    Gutiérrez Boronat pidió en su apasionada interlocución el apoyo a la Comisión Justicia Cuba para la instalación de un Tribunal Internacional que juzgue los crímenes de lesa humanidad del Régimen Comunista en Cuba, y la unidad de América Latina en el aislamiento internacional al régimen ilegítimo de Miguel Díaz Canel, controlado por Raúl Castro.

    Los jefes de partido de más de 20 países participaron en la reunión, que es previa a la Cumbre Hemisférica de gobiernos y fuerzas democráticas convocada por el Presidente Sebastián Piñera. La delegación de la Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana, compuesta por Luis Zúñiga, Horacio García y Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, también está invitada formalmente a la Cumbre Hemisférica. El Presidente de la Comisión Internacional de Justicia Cuba el jurista mexicano René Bolio es también participante en los foros, donde ha expuesto sobre la situación de México.


    Para más información
    Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana
    Silvia Gutiérrez Boronat
    (305) 220-2713

  • 11 Mar 2019 10:12 AM | Silvia G. (Administrator)



    Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan communities request from President Trump implementation of sanctions against Communist Regime in Cuba

    Miami, Florida. March 11, 2019- Assembly of the Cuban Resistance-Leaders of the Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan communities met today at the historic Bay of Pigs Monument at SW 8 st and 13 Avenue in Miami to request full implementation of Titles III and IV of the Cuban Libertad Act.
    Titles III and IV of the Libertad Act, also known as the Helms-Burton Bill would allow victims of the illegal confiscations of commercial property by the Castro Regime to sue companies that invest in them.
    Leaders of the three communities, organized by the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, issued a public letter to President Trump at the event, where they requested application of the sanctions in order to more effectively support the freedom struggles in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. 

    March 7, 2019

    Donald J. Trump

    President of the United States of America

    The White House

    Washington, DC

    Dear Mister President:

    The Cuban exile community, coalesced in the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, together with resistance organizations inside Cuba, congratulates you on your decision to partially implement Title III of the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act.

    Your strong leadership and political courage to challenge the rogue totalitarian regime prevailing in Cuba is an encouraging sign that under your administration, Cuba will not be forgotten or sacrificed. The brave veterans of Brigade 2506 and of the Cuban Resistance know all too well what abandonment by a US administration entails, as occurred at the Battle of the Bay of Pigs almost 58 year ago. 

    April 17, the day when implementation of Title III and IV could begin, marks the anniversary of that catastrophic reversal in US policy which condemned the Cuban people to live in tyranny for almost six decades, and the rest of the Hemisphere to suffer from the aggression and even occupation of the Communist Regime based in Havana. 

    Last year you reverted the ill-fated policies of the Obama administration and, today, we feel that the time for Cuban freedom is finally here. The Communist totalitarian regime is not just a tragedy for Cubans, but also an undermining influence of our democratic values in all Latin America.

    We respectfully address you to request full implementation of the Cuban Liberty Act, which contains an intelligent and effective road map for the liberation of Cuba if it is fully implemented, which has not been the case for the past 23 years.  Title III and IV of the Cuban Liberty Act are a just and necessary means to respond to the illegal confiscation by the communist regime in Cuba of property legitimately owned by US citizens. Moreover, its full implementation sends a clear message of support for the Cuban people who, as recently as February 24 of this year, have resoundingly called out for freedom by massively refusing to cooperate with the fraudulent referendum imposed on them by the Castro family and the Communist Party in order to perpetuate their illegal and illegitimate rule.

    Decisive sanctions such as these against the economy of the illegitimate Communist tyrants of Cuba will weaken the Castro Regime’s occupation of Venezuela and hasten the day of the liberation of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and other countries in our Hemisphere.

    We believe that, when fully implemented, Title III of the Cuban Liberty Act would bestow a heavy blow to the dictatorship and its ability to fund its repression and expand its base. We are also aware that some countries, “friends” of the US, will disagree with the measure, but they also disagreed when you removed the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, when you canceled the Nuclear Pact with Iran and when you imposed heavy tariffs to China to correct unfair trade practices. The outcomes of all those measures demonstrated that you were right. That is vision and leadership.

    Mr. President, we fully support you and encourage you to take the correct and necessary measures to restore to the Cuban people the right to select their political system and elect their leaders. Sixty years of oppression and poverty have been a terrible ordeal and Cuba deserves better.

    We appreciate your leadership and efforts to help bring about freedom and democracy to Cuba, and peace, stability and security to our region.


  • 11 Mar 2019 9:31 AM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

  • 10 Mar 2019 10:19 AM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

    Miami, Florida - March 11th, 2019- The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance.As the countdown progresses on the unprecedented 30 day waiting period  requested by the  Trump Administration for implementation of Titles III and IV of the Cuban Libertad Act, Brigade 2506, together with the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, will issue a public message to President Donald J. Trump.

    WHEN: Monday, March 11, 2019, 2:00 pm
    WHERE:  Bay of Pigs Monument, SW 8th Street and 13 Avenue.
    WHAT: Public message to Donald J. Trump by the Cuban exile community


  • 10 Mar 2019 10:17 AM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

    Miami, Florida -11 de marzo del 2019- Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana- Mientras el tiempo corre en cuanto a la medida sin precedentes, de los 30 días que la Administración Trump pidió para la implementación de los Títulos III y IV de la Ley de Libertad Cubana, la Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana junto a la Brigada 2506 emitirán un mensaje público al Presidente Donald J. Trump.

    CUÁNDO:  Lunes, 11 de marzo del 2019, a las 2:00pm

    DÓNDE:     Monumento de Bahía de Cochinos en la Calle 8 del SW y 13 Avenida

    QUÉ:          Mensaje público al Presidente Donald J. Trump del exilio cubano.



  • 26 Feb 2019 11:24 AM | Silvia G. (Administrator)


    (Miami-FL)February 26, 2019- Assembly of the Cuban Resistance –– A picture is worth a thousand words and there was much more enthusiasm among regime opponents protesting throughout Cuba during the so-called “constitutional referendum” than at the schools staged as voting centers. Absent of any lines or crowds worthy of the 8,000,000+ Cubans the regime alleged to have “voted” on Sunday, February 24, they resorted to circulating an image of a rally that was originally published in their state run newspaper (Granma) on January 2, 2017.

    Alina Balseiro, President of the Cuban National Election Commission tweeted the image at 11:28AM that Sunday stating, “A dignified and united country was today exercising democracy to vote in the constitutional referendum. Homero Acosta Alvarez, Cuban Secretary of State tweeted the same image an hour later adding the caption, “A historical day for the country. Everyone exercising their sovereign power to vote for a constitution with the certainty to be ratified by the majority.” Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez also disseminated the same image next to an image depicting a “yes” vote and proclaiming how proud he felt to be a part of this nation.

    While the regime and its supporters worked on spinning an outdated photo to fit a false narrative, brave Cubans throughout the island were staging hunger strikes, protests and banging pots and pans. Berta Soler, leader of the Ladies in White was arrested for the 172 consecutive Sunday, this time she yelling, “Don’t go to the voting polls of the assassins” while five members of state security quickly dragged her away. The regime having to resort to using an old image shows that a significant number of Cubans followed Berta’s advice. SEE VIDEO


  • 28 Jan 2019 8:31 AM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

    Hoy, 28 de enero del 2019, las organizaciones y activistas luchadores por la libertad de Cuba que militan y coordinan en y con la Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana, ante los momentos históricos que viven Venezuela, la América Latina y el mundo en base al pronunciamiento de los poderes públicos venezolanos con apoyo del pueblo en las calles, declaramos lo siguiente:

    1. Nuestro reconocimiento y respaldo al Gobierno de Juan Guaidó como legítimo representante del pueblo venezolano.
    2. Nuestro apoyo a la Administración del Presidente de los Estados Unidos, Donald J. Trump, quien ha encabezado la unidad del mundo libre y democrático en respaldo y reconocimiento al Gobierno legítimo de Venezuela.
    3. Nuestro apoyo a los legisladores cubanoamericanos quienes han sido orgullo de nuestra comunidad como vanguardia de la lucha en solidaridad con la democracia en Venezuela en el Congreso y el Senado de los Estados Unidos.
    4. Nuestra denuncia de que Venezuela es un país ocupado por el régimen terrorista totalitario radicado en Cuba y de que el régimen de Maduro es por tanto un régimen de usurpación y traidor a la soberanía de Venezuela.
    5. Nuestro llamamiento a que una fuerza multinacional democrática respalde al pueblo de Venezuela y a su legítimo gobierno ante la ocupación de su territorio por fuerzas extranjeras, como son los efectivos castristas, los mercenarios asesinos rusos del Grupo Wagner, quienes han participado ya en la represión contra los pueblos de Ucrania y Siria, así como de las bandas terroristas colombianas del ELN y de las FARC, y de Hezbolá, fuerza de paramilitares al servicio de los intereses de Irán.
    La liberación de Venezuela significa el primer paso contundente hacia el fin del Eje del Mal radicado en la Habana, con la consecuente liberación de los pueblos oprimidos por el comunismo en Cuba y en Venezuela.  Por tanto, le hacemos un llamado al pueblo de Cuba dentro y fuera de la Isla para alistarse y organizarse como nunca antes.  Estamos en momentos decisivos en nuestra larga y heroica lucha por la libertad.
    1. Desde ahora convocamos, en fecha que anunciaremos posteriormente, a una gran caravana de apoyo a la libertad de Venezuela, de apoyo a la administración Trump por su liderazgo a favor de la democracia en el Hemisferio, y en petición de que se levanten todas las restricciones a la plena implementación del Título III de la Ley de Libertad Cubana (Helms-Burton), cuando el plazo reducido de evaluación de la misma venza el 2 de marzo de este año.  La Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana dará a conocer la fecha y hora de esta movilización en los próximos días.  Tenemos que mostrar que los votantes del sur de la Florida apoyamos una política firme y enérgica contra el totalitarismo comunista en la región.
    2. Afirmamos que la liberación de Cuba es necesaria para el bienestar del pueblo cubano y para el desarrollo de la libertad y la democracia en la América Latina.  El pueblo cubano lleva 60 años de lucha sin tregua contra la ocupación comunista de nuestro país, que no ha podido romper nuestra resistencia.  Sabemos que esta lucha es nuestra y nunca hemos abandonado ese deber.  Testimonio de esto es la legión de mártires y presos políticos que son parte de nuestro exilio y de las organizaciones que integran la Asamblea.  Por tanto, con la autoridad dada a esta Asamblea por la lucha sostenida de las organizaciones de la resistencia del pueblo cubano, convocamos hoy, en el natalicio del Apóstol José Martí, al Congreso de la Asamblea d de la Resistencia Cubana por la Unidad Nacional “Todos por Cuba Libre”, para dar los pasos organizativos necesarios para que nuestra lucha sea más efectiva que nunca en este año clave.
    3. Apoyamos el llamado al boicot, la protesta y la no participación ante la farsa electoral auspiciada en Cuba por la tiranía comunista el 24 de febrero de este año, al cual han convocado desde dentro de Cuba las Damas de Blanco y muchas organizaciones, así como activistas de la resistencia interna.  Le pedimos a nuestro pueblo que ese día muestre el rechazo a la tiranía no participando en “las llamadas elecciones”.
    El enemigo del pueblo cubano y de la paz, estabilidad democrática y seguridad en nuestro Hemisferio es uno: el régimen de los Castro y los que han seguido el patrón dictado por la dictadura castrista, que ha sumergido a países hermanos como Venezuela en el totalitarismo, miseria y destrucción.
    Nuestra lucha es la lucha por la liberación de Cuba, Venezuela y nuestra querida hermana Nicaragua.  Formemos un solo frente de lucha en estos momentos claves para lograr que nuestros pueblos se despojen al fin de las plagas totalitarias que los desangran. 
    También le enviamos al pueblo de Colombia, que se encuentra hoy aun ante el embate terrorista internacional que busca romper su voluntad democrática, y también a la oposición democrática de Bolivia, que lucha cívicamente por la recuperación de la República en esa hermana patria latinoamericana, nuestra mayor solidaridad.

    Asamblea de la Resistencia
    Contacto de Prensa:
    Silvia Gutiérrez-Boronat
    (305) 220-2713

  • 28 Jan 2019 8:24 AM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

    Today, January 28, 2019, the organizations and activists who fight for the freedom of Cuba and are part of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance—based on the historic events that are taking place in Venezuela, Latin America, and the world as a result of the decisions made by the legitimate branches of the Venezuelan government with the support of the people in the streets— we declare the following:

    (1) Our recognition and support for the government of Juan Guaidó as the legitimate representative of Venezuela.

    (2) Our support for the administration of the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, who has spurred the unity of the free and democratic world to recognize the legitimate government of Venezuela.

    (3) Our community feels proud of the Cuban-American lawmakers for showing solidarity to the fight of the Venezuelan people before the American Congress and Senate. 

    (4) Our denunciation of the occupation of Venezuela by the totalitarian terrorist regime that holds power in Cuba and that has usurped and breached the sovereignty of Venezuela.

    (5) Our calling for the creation of an international democratic coalition that is able to support Venezuelans and their legitimate government against the occupation of their territory by foreign powers, as the Castros; the Wagner Group’s Russian mercenaries, who have repressed the Ukrainian and Syrian populations; the terrorist Colombian guerrillas ELN and FARC; and Hezbollah, paramilitaries at the service of Iran.   

    The freedom of Venezuela is the first step to put an end to the Axis of Evil that resides in Havana, with the subsequent liberation of the people oppressed by communism in Cuba and Venezuela. Therefore, we call on the people of Cuba, inside and outside the Island, to prepare themselves and get organized even more than they had before. We are at a decisive juncture in our long and heroic fight for freedom…

    (1) We are convoking a great caravan in support of the freedom of Venezuela, in support of the Trump Administration for their leadership in favor of democracy in the Hemisphere, and to request the full implementation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, before the deadline, on March 2, 2019. The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance will release the date of this mobilization in the following days. We have to prove to the voters of South Florida that we uphold firm and decisive policies against Communist Totalitarianism in the region.

    (2) We state that the liberation of Cuba is important to achieve the wellbeing of the Cuban population and for the development of freedom and democracy in Latin America. Cubans have fought relentlessly for 60 years against the Communist occupation of our country. We know that this fight is ours and we have never forsaken this duty. For this reason, the exiled community and our Assembly counts with a legion of martyrs and political prisoners. Hence, based on the authority bestowed upon this Assembly by the unyielding fight of the Cuban Resistance, we convene, on the anniversary of the birth of José Martí, the Congress of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance for the National Unity of the “All for a Free Cuba” Plan. This Congress will organize our fight for freedom to make it more effective in this critical year.  

    (3) We support the decision of the Ladies in White and other members of the Resistance in Cuba to call on the Cuban population to boycott and protest against the electoral farce of the Communist dictatorship on February 24, 2019. We ask our people to abstain from participating as a form of rejection of that tyranny.

    The enemy of the Cuban population, peace, democratic stability, and security in our Hemisphere is one: the Castro regime and those who have followed their model, dragging countries like Venezuela into a quagmire of totalitarianism, misery, and destruction.

    Our fight is the fight for the freedom of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. In these critical moments, we are part of the same fight to dislodge the totalitarian plagues that besiege our nations.     

     Assembly of the Cuban Resistance
    Media Contact:
    Silvia Gutiérrez-Boronat
    (305) 220-2713

  • 20 Dec 2018 1:55 PM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – 20 de diciembre del 2018- El Presidente electo de Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro, recibió hoy la visita del Dr. Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, secretario nacional del Directorio Democrático Cubano y miembro del Secretariado de la Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana.

    La reunión tomó lugar en la residencia del Presidente electo Jair Bolsonaro en Río de Janeiro.  Durante la misma el Dr. Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat le expresó al Presidente electo Bolsonaro el agradecimiento por la solidaridad mostrada con los médicos cubanos utilizados como esclavos por el Régimen Comunista de Cuba, así como la decisión de no invitar a la inauguración presidencial al mandatario designado por ese régimen, Miguel Diaz Canel.

    El Presidente Bolsonaro expresó su hermandad y afecto por el pueblo cubano. El Dr. Gutiérrez-Boronat le presentó al Presidente electo Bolsonaro el Escudo Nacional de la República de Cuba Libre diseñado y preparado por la Fundación de Rescate Jurídico

    Asamblea de la Resistencia
    Contacto de Prensa:
    Silvia Gutiérrez-Boronat
    (305) 220-2713

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