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Cuban political prisoners declare hunger strike in Kilo 7 Prison
By Political Prisoner Jorge Luis García Pérez "Antúnez"

Jorge Luis García Perez Antúnez

Jorge Luis García Perez Antúnez



From the Kilo 7 maximum security prison in Camagüey Cuba, Ramón Delgado Prieto and Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez call attention to national and international public opinion as well as human rights organizations that beginning today, August 21st, we will shift from a solids only fast that we began this past 10th of August to a total hunger strike.


The demands of this hunger strike are the same we demanded in the aforementioned fast, which are respect for human rights and humane treatment for imprisoned opposition members.


Now we also intend to call on our compatriots to non-cooperation by way of refusing to cooperate with any entity of the regime and its repressive machinery that only serves to harass and threaten the true defenders of human rights and dignity.


We are aware that this protest, in which we also demand inalienable rights such as religious and medical attention, will be a prolonged and difficult, and that the hate and cruelty of the repressive forces of the Castro regime will turn against us. But we are determined to face the ultimate danger, and if during the hunger strike, we are defeated by starvation without achieving our demands, at least we will take with us the satisfaction of having given these beastly totalitarian criminals a firm and impacting lesson in dignity and principles.


May God bless you and bless all Cubans.


Ramón Delgado Prieto and Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez


Faith in Victory, Enough is enough, For Cuba, it is about time.



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