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Expert speaks about non-cooperation of Cuban workers
By Cuban Democratic Directorate


Miami, October 23, 2006, Cuban Democratic Directorate - In an exclusive interview transmitted to Cuba by Radio República, Joel Brito, who was a member of the Cuban Workers Union (CWU), and who currently heads the Social Responsibility Corporate Group, spoke about the situation of workers in Cuba and their non-cooperation stance.


Orlando Gutiérrez interviewed Brito on October 23rd on the Alternativa show. Gutiérrez referred to the series of articles Publisher by Granma which complain about the lack of cooperation of Cuban workers. Raul Castro’s first public speech after his brother ceded power took place at the CWU Summit and he reiterated the same complaint.


This trend was explained by Brito: “In the past few years the Cuban government has expressed to the media that their gross national product has grown more than that of China… Somehow they have to justify how these supposed macroeconomic accomplishments are not reaching the dinner table of the Cuban worker. Thus, the justification is to blame the Cuban worker.”


Brito emphasized the high level of absenteeism of Cuban workers and said this was a result of lack of incentives. He said non-cooperation of Cuban workers has existed for many years, but has increased tremendously in the past few years because of worsening economic conditions.




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