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Press conference draws attention to acts of non-cooperation with the dictatorship in Cuba
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Non-cooperation is the Cuban people’s response to Castro’s repression

Orlando Gutierrez

Orlando Gutierrez


Miami, December 4th, 2006. Cuban exile organizations called attention to the growing number of acts of non cooperation with the regime taking place in Cuba.


Cuba’s official state-sanctioned newspaper has published 27 articles criticizing “workplace indiscipline” of Cuban workers, which signifies a boycott against the dictatorship’s economic plans. This occurrence is joined by the increasing number of neighbors that refuse to cooperate with the government-organized mobs against activists, and the mass protests carried out against arbitrary evictions and other unjust actions of the regime. Non-cooperation is the Cuban people’s response to Castro’s repression,” stated Orlando Gutiérrez, National Secretary of the Cuban Democratic Directorate, during an audiovisual presentation.


Representatives from several of the over 45 organizations that promote the call for non-cooperation launched from Cuba participated in the press conference.


“This is a call from Cuban political prisons and from the streets of Cuba asking their compatriots to not participate in government-organized mobs, to not cooperate with mass organizations of the regime, to not be accomplices of injustice. In exile, we have listened to these voices and we support them,” explained Sylvia Iriondo, president of Mothers and Women against Repression in Cuba (MAR).


Angel de Fana, ex political prisoner and leader of Plantados until Liberty and Democracy in Cuba explained the importance of each Cuban adopting this attitude of non-cooperation with the regime, and how the growing number of actions within Cuba compels exiles to support the internal opposition movement even more.


The non-cooperation campaign coupled with the increasing number of manifestations of popular discontent in Cuba respond to the necessity of freedom and rights in the face of rising political and economic repression of Raul Castro’s dictatorship.


“We have to go to the heart of the Cuban conflict, the fundamental division that is becoming clear in Cuba is between the Cuban people who want freedom, and the government who represses them.,” said Gutiérrez.




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