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Political prisoner gives non-cooperation message to Cuban youth
By Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia

José Daniel Ferrer García

José Daniel Ferrer García


CAMAGÜEY, January 2, 2007 – Cuban political prisoner, José Daniel Ferrer García, was one of the first to call on all Cubans to not cooperate with the dictatorship. The non-cooperation campaign has grown throughout the island in the past few months, and is promoted by political prisoners, human rights activists, as well as apolitical Cubans.


Ferrer Garcia is a member of the Christian Liberation Movement and promoter of the Varela Project. He sends a New Year’s message to all Cuban youth from the Kilo 8 Prison in Camagüey, where he is serving a 25-year sentence for defending human rights.


“As a prisoner of conscience sentenced to 25 years imprisonment in the spring of 2003, I exhort all Cuban youth to join with those who work peacefully and unselfishly to achieve freedom and democratization for our people.”


“We Cubans can have a better future; the key is that we work with firmness and bravery to gain it. Let us say “Enough!” to oppression. Let us not collaborate with he who causes such misery and such suffering. It is time now that we should have a homeland ‘with all, and for the good of all,’ as José Martí wanted. We young people must play a very important role in the achievement of this praiseworthy goal.”


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