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Cuban Stars Shine for Non-cooperation Movement
By Cuban Democratic Directorate


MIAMIIn an unprecedented effort, exiled Cuban recording artists, comedians, and other stars have joined in to support a civic resistance movement started by political prisoners in Cuba. A series of television and radio spots featuring the stars calling on the Cuban people not to cooperate with the dictatorship was launched today in a press conference.


Representatives of over 45 exile organizations that support the non-cooperation campaign were present at the event. The initiative, however, comes from Cuba’s grassroots opposition movement. “This support campaign was launched last year on July 25 as a response to the call for non-cooperation with the dictatorship made by political prisoners and human rights activists. The exile community’s spiritual leaders, its organizations, and now its stars are joining that call,” said Sylvia Iriondo, president of M.A.R. for Cuba.


“This support campaign is directed to the island, to the exile community, and to the international community. The campaign has spread tremendously in Cuba, and now these stars are echoing the original call,” said Ángel de Fana of Plantados until Freedom and Democracy in Cuba.


“During the past year, the regime itself has complained about what it calls “lack of labor discipline” in Cuba, namely the fact that Cuban workers are not complying with government imposed quotas. They call it a “lack of labor discipline;” we call it non-cooperation with the dictatorship,” explained Orlando Gutiérrez of the Cuban Democratic Directorate.


Willy Chirino, Jon Secada, Lissette Alvarez, Carlucho, Marisela Verena, and Donato Poveda were featured in the ads.



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