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Prison authorities force political prisoners to yell “Long live the 26th of July!”, and a cry of “Down with the 26th of July!” is heard.
By Cubanacán Press

Camagüey. August 1st, 2007. Independent journalist Normado Hernández González, confined in Kilo 7 Prison in Camaüey, was threatened by a State Security Official on July 21st, for refusing to yell “Long live the 26th of July!”

According to political prisoner Jorge Alberto Liriano, lieutenant colonel Jesús Martínez Ortigado, prison director, accompanied by his executive council and 12 guards, performed rounds through the detachments of the prison grounds and force prisoners to yell the slogan.

Hernández, on the contrary, cried, “Down with the 26th of July!”, and was immediately taken to the office of Martínez Ortigado, who told him “Listen well, mercenary worm. Today, you disrespected me. I do not believe in political prisoners, and from now on, watch every step you take, because you may find yourselve in an ‘accident’”.

 (Source: Yoel Espinosa Medrano, Cubanacán Press, Cubanet.)

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