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Former Political Prisoners Back Noncooperation Campaign
By Carlos Serpa Maceira

Former political prisoners and human rights activists continue fast in San Miguel del Padrón, Havana. (photograph courtesy of Carlos Serpa Maceira)

Former political prisoners and human rights activists continue fast in San Miguel del Padrón, Havana. (photograph courtesy of Carlos Serpa Maceira)

Havana, 20 August. Former Cuban political prisoners affirmed their unconditional support for the Yo No Coopero con la Dictadyra; Yo Sí Quiero el Cambio (I Do Not Cooperate with the Dictatorship; I Do Want Change) Campaign during a vigil held in Havana.


The vigil took place at the Pat Tillman Indpendent Library. Former political prisoners and members of the nonviolent opposition movement bore the campaign’s signature images illustrating noncooperation, as well as signs reading “No to Castroism,” “No to communism,” and “I do not vote.”


Among the former political prisoners were Lázaro Joaquín Alonso Román, Manuel Pérez Soria y Miguel López Santos, both recently released after having served sentences for a peaceful procession to the Malecón sea wall in memory of the 13 de marzo tugboat massacre victims on July 13, 2005.


“We reaffirm to the Cuban people, and to Cubans in exile wherever they may be that former political prisoners are at the forefront of the Yo No campaign. Political prisoners have always been one gauntlet in the struggle against the anti-democratic system in our country. In this campaign we are all one people” said Lázaro Joaquín Alonso Román.


Ángel Enrique Fernández Rivero, former political prisoner and president of the Anti-Castro Youth Movement also stated that: “We say ‘No’ to Fidel Castro’s government in response to the call made from the prisons by our imprisoned countrymen from Cape San Antonio to Maisí Point.“


The Campaign, launched by political prisoners in Cuba, calls upon each Cuban to find ways to cooperate less with the regime, insofar as he is able. At the time of this writing, more than 30 Cuban exile organizations have joined in to support this campaign. Well known exile celebrities like singers Willy Chirino his wife Lissette Álvarez, Jon Secada, Marisela Verena and Donato Poveda, and Carlucho, a comedian, are also prominent supporters.


All across Cuba, former political prisoners and opposition activists have increased their participation in the Campaign and continue to spread it among the population.


Reporting from Havana Carlos Serpa Maceira from Sindical Press Agency, Cuba correspondent for Misceláneas de Cuba.


According to statements made on Monday, August 20 by former political prisoner and prisoner of conscience  to the Cuban Democratic Directorate, the fast continues at a house located at Carretera Santa María del Rosario, Km. 4 ½, Bloque 106, Cambute, San Miguel del Padrón, La Habana. The activists participating are Miguel López Santos, Ángel Enrique Fernández Rivero and Jesús Rosales.


At 4:25 p.m. on Monday tour Political Police agents from the State Security Department arrived at the house. They threatened the fasters and the family members present, among whom were several children.  Alonzo Román was present during these events.


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