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José Daniel Ferrer García, Cuban opposition leader and former Amnesty International prisoner of conscience, has been in detention for 40 days, since Oct 1, for reasons still unknown.

Melkis is currently serving 6 years and 7 months of imprisonment with forced labor for peacefully voicing her desire for freedom of all political prisoners >More

 Name Group Detained Sentence Prison  More
 Alcala Aramburo, Harold REGLA 4/2/03 Life Sentence Combinado del Este 
 Alonso Hernández, Claro Fernando OCDH 2/20/96 30 Years Forced Labor-WayJay Camp 
 Alvarez Chacón, José Luis UNPACU 12/18/16 5 Years Aguadores Santiago
 Amaro Hidalgo, Ivan PDPB 8/13/16 8 Years Canaleta, Perico Matanzas  
 Arias Valerino, Raudel UNPACU 9/28/17 4 Years 10 Mths Prision Melena del Sur 2-Mayabeque
 Arocha Carta, Ernesto MONR 5/9/18 2 Years Prision Quivican
 Arzuaga Alcala, Edilberto Ronal UNPACU 12/24/18 1 Year 2 Mths Santa Isabel-Camaguey 
 Ayala García, Noslén UNPACU 5/3/15 8 Years 9 Mths Quivicán-Mayabeque
 Bandera Barrera, Eliecer UNPACU 9/3/16 4 Years 10 Mths Mar Verde 
 Bello González, Luis UNPACU 3/14/16 3 Years 3Mths Plan Baldosa Guantanamo   
 Biscet Gonzalez, Dr. Oscar Elias FLDH 3/18/03 25 Years Licencia Extrapenal (3/18/28)  
 Borges Pérez, Ernesto PUDCC 7/17/98 30 Years Combinado del Este 
 Boris Reñi, Ismael UNPACU 4/28/18 2 Years Valle Grande, La Habana 
 Borroto Vazquez, Miguel Daniel MLDC 10/22/15 4 Years Forced Labor-San Miguel de Padron   
 Briñones Rosabel, Reinero R. UNPACU 12/22/16 5.4 Years Las Mangas - Granma
 Cabrera Cabrera, Felix Juan CID 7/7/16 5 Years Ariza-Cienfuegos  
 Calderín Acosta, Alieski PDC 12/27/12 20 Years Kilo 8 
 Canet Velázquez, Misael  FRENTE 12/18/15 6 Years Kilo 7 - Camaguey
 Casares Soto, José Rolando MDJC 8/13/17 5 Years Forced Labor KM4- Pinar del Río 
 Chirino Pérez, Wenceslao UNPACU 3/29/16 11 Years KM 4- San Juan Pinar del Rio 
 Colina Marquez, Tony MOJD 11/17/17 3 Years Guamajal Villa Clara 
 Coll Campanioni, Vicente CAPPF 3/16/16 4 Years Libertad Condicional 
 Cruz Reina, Benigno FANTU 12/28/17 4 Years El Tipico- Las Tunas 
 Cruz Velazquez, Arsenio Osvaldo UNPACU 3/2/16 6Mths-Ongoing Forced Labor without Internment
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   Ivan is away from his wife and young children. He has been
   imprisoned since 2016, serving 8 years for wearing a t-shirt
   in favor of democracy >More

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